Gimillya Passito di Pantelleria DOC is a medium sweet wine from the small island Pantelleria, which is located 10 hours with the ferryboat from Sicily! Actually only 60 kilometers from the coast of Tunesia in Africa…. The island is totally dominated by the warm winds from Africa, the Scrirocco and the Mistral. Actually, these winds are so powerful that the local inhabitants through the last 6000 years have had to collect stone, to build walls to shelter the plants from being blown away. The island is approximately 6 x 8 kilometers, and there is 12.000 kilometers walls! For the same reason the vines are kept very low, not more than 50 centimers, and they give a very low yild.

The grape is called Zibibo, which is another name for Moscato d´Alessandria, which provides a very distinct and floral smell.

The wine is produced by lying the ripe grapes in the sun, on strawmattres, for 30 – 35 days, and in this way transforming the grapes into raisins. The raisins are the put into dry white wine, made from the same grapevariety, and due to the high content of sugar in the raisins, another fermentation takes place.

The result is a wine with a golden colour, extremely soft and warm in the mouth, and a very complex aroma. Served by 15-17 degrees with dessert or chocolate, surprisingly good together with aged cheese and honey!

This wine has received many awards, among others gold medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles! NB 0,5 liter.

Producer: D´Ancona